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Stop Thief! 10 Things That Can Steal From Your Estate

If you’ve ever been robbed like I have, you know that awful feeling of violation and loss of control. More than the material things that are stolen, the loss of peace of mind and sense of security can have lasting effects. When I had just started practicing law, I came home one night and saw […]


The Greatest Threat to Estate Planning

Our garage almost filled up with water bottles last year. You know the big blue ones you put on top of a water cooler? I kept forgetting to put the empty ones out for pick up, but they kept giving us new water. Pretty soon we had at least 15 water bottles sitting in the […]


Can your estate plan pass the Down Low test?

What a Child’s Game Can Teach us About Planning… In our house, the “Down Low, Too Slow” game is very popular. It goes like this: Give me five (hand slap) Way up high (another hand slap) Down low (pull hand away before it can get slapped) Too slow!! It always gets a laugh out of […]


Save Taxes

Are you sure you want to save taxes? We hear the government could really use the money! Okay, you’re right. The government takes a big enough cut, and your estate plan should be set up to minimize all taxes. Everybody’s estate faces two primary kinds of taxes: Income Tax – Regardless of the size of the […]